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CREDITS - Armoury 89


ARMOURY 89 SOUND SYSTEM was formed in Wandsworth 1985..In the beginning they were a single deck sound system... in a reggae style, they gradually incorporated various fx devices and a growing posse. Founders Markie Lyric, Mark Easton and Terry Marks aka Bean were later joined by Mike Slocombe, Spence, Earl Gateshead and Markie Mozart, with regular appearances from Richard Wayler and Mr C

Armoury 89 did it their own way from the start. Not content with a growing collection of white label vinyl, they mixed in tape loops, mc's, korg synths, rappers and delay boxes all sqeezed through a custom built Jah Tubbies UK pre-amp. The music was reggae, funk and soul and anything else that dropped from Acid to African. Armoury played from Amsterdam to Edinburgh, Sheffield, Birmingham, Oxford, Nottingham and all over London

Special events included Frenzy By the Thamsey at the Mermaid Theatre, riotous nights at the Africa Centre, The Roxy in Amsterdam with Robert Owens and the big warehouse bashes at The Gasworks in Wandsworth, The Syryp factory on Lewisham Way and not forgetting the early days at the 50 Club in Soho with Walter Ahart

Good Times !